A professional pet-sitter was hired by home-owners Bruce and Jodi Smith of Roswell, GA to watch their pets. Their pets included a cage full of roosters. Those approaching the Roosters were warned by a sign that read “Caution. Area Patrolled by Attach Roosters.” The homeowner also warned the pet-sitter to just throw the feed into the cage because the rooster will attack!
Despite the warnings, the pet-sitter entered the cage and was promptly attacked by the rooster and injured.
Because this is American and nothing is your own fault – the pet-sitter sued the home-owners for her injuries.

The case went all the way to the Georgia Court of Appeals. The Court ruled in favor of the rooster!

JT Rule of Law: A pet-sitter attacked by an animal in his/her charge cannot sue because the pet-sitter assumed the risk of danger from animals in his/her charge.

Gilreath v. Smith

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