We are bombarded by TV commercials from attorneys trolling for auto accident victims. The attorneys make claims about how they can help you beat the evil insurance companies and how much money you will win if you just call them now!!
Here are two facts they are not telling you in their 20 second commercials, billboards or ads painted on the side of buses:
1. The insurance company is not your enemy. The job of an insurance adjuster is to settle claims. Let me repeat that – the job of insurance adjuster is to settle claims. I have worked at the highest levels of insurance company’s claims operations. They have a duty (an obligation) to settle claims. If you were truly injured in a car accident, that was their insured’s fault, there is the correct type of coverage in place and you provide them with the information they need to properly evaluate your claim – their job is to settle the claim.
2. It is the severity of your injury and the amount of insurance coverage that matters most. Years ago, when I was starting out in law, I went to a seminar on how to be a “Million Dollar Personal Injury Lawyer.” One attorney after another got up to the microphone to tell all the young lawyers how great they are. Finally, a seasoned attorney spoke and he said: “do you know what makes you a million dollar personal injury lawyer?” He paused for dramatic affect. “What makes you a million dollar personal injury lawyer is a client who is severely injured, rendered a quadriplegic or a killed, by an at-fault tortfeasor that has a million dollars or more in insurance money or other collectable assets. Period.

Those two truths are the compasses I follow when I represent people that have been injured in an accident.

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