For Small Businesses:
Business owners often hire competent attorneys to handle incorporations and contractual matters. However, in the event the business becomes a party to a lawsuit (as either plaintiff or defendant), that same attorney may not be the most qualified to navigate through the litigation or go to trial.  And the last thing busy entrepreneurs have time for is a lawsuit.  My Small Business Litigation Management Services include:

  • Business legal liability and risk assessment
  • Litigation Attorney services

For Large Corporations:
As a former Chief Counsel and Litigation Management professional for two Fortune 100 insurance companies, I can help reduce legal expenses through litigation planning and early resolution.

My Large Corporation Litigation Management Services include:

  • Present and future litigation management
  • “Outside counsel” law firm management and auditing services
  • Litigation Planning consulting and training services
  • “Round Table” services with claim handlers to identify, evaluate and resolve claim issues
  • Pre-suit Mediation Services for Personal Lines Auto Insurers



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