Is your Legal House in order? How do you know if it is or isn’t? As a Legal Life Coach, I help individuals, families and small businesses identify, manage and resolve life’s legal risks by helping them assess their “Legal House” through a comprehensive assessment in a number of risk categories. My Legal Life Coaching services will help you…

  • Determine your Legal Risk Score™
    [A proprietary process of evaluating how legally prepared you are on a scale of 0-100%.]
  • Develop your personalized action plan to reduce your legal risks
  • Execute your action plan with appropriate legal services:
    • Will preparation and general estate planning, including health care Advance Directives (“Living Wills”) and Powers of Attorney
    • Insurance coverage assessment
    • Financial foundation building
    • Legal risk counseling
    • Legal Life Book™ preparation consulting services
      [All of your important life, financial and legal information organized in one location.]

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