Legal Risks are Everywhere…Are you prepared?…Is your Family Prepared?… Is your Legal
House in Order™?…  I want to help you prepare for, manage and resolve life’s  legal risks.
I do not want to handle your divorce – I want to help you avoid a divorce. I do not want to handle your bankruptcy – I want to teach you to avoid bankruptcy. I want to assess your legal risks and work with you to create a Legal Life Plan™ to help prepare you for life’s legal risks.

I speak to groups to help educate them on legal issues that affect individuals, families and institutions.
I speak on the following topics:

  • Is your Legal House in Order?™ – Learn the 10 things every household should know to reduce legal risks and put their Legal House in Order™.
  • You want to Pierce What?™ – The current legal environment facing teenagers and parents will surprise you.
  • Improve your life 1 Thing Different™ at a time – Get out of your rut and improve your life by doing 1 Thing Different™.
  • Legal Ethics – Insurance Claims Departments and Bar Associations benefit from an update on business and legal ethics.

Recent Presentations:

  • Young Men’s Service League, “You Want to Pierce What?™ Civic Responsibility & Teenager Law 101”
  • Atlanta Claims Association, “Legal Ethics”



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